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Potato Facts
Baking Products

Why do so many bakers use Idaho Pacific’s dehydrated potato ingredients?

Performance. Dependability. Consistency. That’s what you can expect when you use our dehydrated potato ingredients in your baking recipes. Potatoes are our specialty…that’s all we do, and our guarantee to customers is that they are buying and using the finest dehydrated potato products available.

We enjoy a close working relationship with our customer, and our employees are committed to delivering quality products with professional, friendly, timely and accurate service. No customer is too small or too large. We serve the baking industry worldwide with a full line of dehydrated potato flours, potato flakes and potato granules. You can count on Idaho Pacific’s quality products anywhere in the world. Try our potato products – we know you and your customers will enjoy them.


  • Potato Flours
    Fine Potato Flour
    Granular Potato Flour
    Premium Fine Potato Flour
    Customized Grind and Additive Flour
  • Potato Flakes
    Whole Flake
    Medium Grind Flake
    Fine Grind Flake
    Customized Grind and Additive
  • Potato Granules
    Granules – Sulfited
    Granules – Non-Sulfited
    Customized Granule Specification

All of our potato flakes, flour and granules are certified Kosher by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (O.U.).

American Institute of Baking (AIB):
Were you aware that the American Institute of Baking conducts one of the most rigorous plant inspections for food safety and hygiene in the food processing industry? In our most recent audit, AIB has once again awarded Idaho Pacific a “SUPERIOR” rating for their annual plant audit. A “SUPERIOR” is the highest rating awarded by the AIB. We are proud of our track record of high quality and supplying superiod dehydrated potato products to our customers.

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E Mail Address: harrison@idahopacific.com


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